Unusual Activities Guide: The Most Interesting, Weird and Unique Things to Do

Tired of the same old pastimes and tourist attractions? Looking for activities beyond the ordinary? This guide shines a spotlight on the world’s most delightfully weird, wacky and one-of-a-kind things to do. From bizarre museums and peculiar sports to zany festivals and interactive adventures, discover an assortment of unusual activities guaranteed to provide unforgettable experiences.

Quirky Museums

Museums dedicated to the strangest subjects offer interactive glimpses into fascinating niches and obscure topics. Explore these peculiar galleries celebrating the world’s oddities.

The Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum, Japan

This museum glorifies and examines instant noodles via exhibits on ramen history and interactive DIY stations where you can make your own noodles.

The Salt and Pepper Shaker Museum, Tennessee

View displays of over 20,000 salt and pepper shakers including collections organized by theme, material and pop culture references.

The Museum of Broken Relationships, Croatia

This global traveling exhibit curates donations representing broken relationships, displaying the artifacts with funny, touching stories about love gone wrong.

The Vent Haven Ventriloquist Museum, Kentucky

Explore the largest collection of ventriloquist dummies and memorabilia at this museum devoted to the art of ventriloquism.

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The Kansas Barbed Wire Museum

Traces the history of barbed wire developments through exhibits like vintage wire samples, patents, and barb-making tools.

Zany Festivals

Festivals celebrating everything from polka to peas bring communities together in wacky ways. Make memories at these one-of-a-kind parties.

Cooper’s Hill Cheese-Rolling, England

Thrill-seekers chase wheels of cheese down a steep hill at alarming speeds during this iconic and slightly hazardous annual event.

La Tomatina, Spain

Join the crowds in crushing tomatoes against each other during the world’s biggest food fight held annually in Buñol, Spain.

Kanamara Matsuri, Japan

The Festival of the Steel Phallus involves parading giant penis props to pray for fertility and good fortune.

El Colacho, Spain

At this festival, men dressed as the Devil leap over pillows where babies lay on streets to drive away evil spirits.

Thailand Water Festival

A soaked celebration where crowds douse each other with water pistols, buckets, hoses, and water balloons.

Athletic Adventures

Push beyond your comfort zone with these active pursuits requiring special skills, gear, or nerves of steel. Not for the timid!

Wingsuit Flying

Strap on a special jumpsuit with fabric wings to glide at exhilarating speeds after parachute-jumping from planes or cliffs.


Roll downhill in a clear plastic orb called a zorb for an unusual thrill ride. Some zorbs also allow walking on water inside.

Biplane Barnstorming

Take an open-cockpit biplane ride for aerial stunts like loops, barrel rolls, stalls and low flybys.

Volcano Boarding

Strap a board to your feet and surf sand down active volcano slopes like Cerro Negro in Nicaragua.


Balance carefully while walking across nylon ropes suspended loosely between anchors in this test of focus and stability.

Bizarre Tours and Attractions

For those who’ve seen it all, these downright strange and silly tourist spots offer entertainment you won’t find anywhere else.

Hobbiton Movie Set, New Zealand

Tour the bucolic movie set from Lord of the Rings and see the Shire come to life. Have an ale at the Green Dragon Inn.

Alien Research Center, Nevada

Investigate conspiracy theories and view oddities like mummified aliens at this playfully kitschy Area 51-themed roadside attraction.

Omega Mart, Las Vegas

This immersive art experience creates the trippy illusion of wandering a supermarket filled with absurd fake products and surreal interactive exhibits.

Screaming Rooms

Visitors can release stress by screaming as loud as possible in completely safe soundproof rooms provided by various pop-up companies.

Medieval Torture Museums

Macabre (and historically questionable) collections of medieval torture devices can be viewed at various dark tourism sites like the Amsterdam Dungeon.

Extreme Eating Challenges

Satisfy big appetites and claim bragging rights by attempting these outrageous and belly-busting food challenges.

72oz Steak Challenge

At locations like Big Texan Steak Ranch, finish a massive 72oz steak with sides in under an hour to get a free meal.

Gallon Milkshake Drinking

Several restaurants challenge diners to consume gigantic milkshakes containing up to 128 ounces of ice cream. Brain freeze likely.

Hot Pepper Eating Contests

Events like the Carolina Reaper contests push heat tolerances to the limit by having participants eat increasingly scorching chili peppers.

Giant Greasy Food Feats

Eat enormous portions of foods like giant pizza slices, 12-patty burgers, 2ft-long hotdogs and 8lb burritos in timed challenges.

Nutella Jar Desserts

Some eateries challenge people to consume massive desserts with insane amounts of Nutella like 11-pound donuts.

Daredevil Stunts

Not for the faint of heart, these stunts get pulses racing with risky excitement. Always follow proper safety precautions.


Daredevils walk across buildings, towers, and other high manmade structures, often without safety gear.

Train Surfing

Thrill-seeking train hoppers illegally ride atop speeding cargo train cars as a reckless stunt. Extremely dangerous.

B.A.S.E. Jumping

Parachute or wingsuit off of buildings, antennae, spans (bridges), or earth (cliffs) for an intense adrenaline rush.


Jump from immense heights while clenching body in jack-knife position before hitting water, coined for its inevitability of serious injury.

Volcano Skiing and Snowboarding

Glide at high speeds down active volcano slopes and craters when conditions allow.


With so many weird, wild, and wacky activities to choose from, boredom doesn’t stand a chance. When the status quo no longer excites, amp up everyday experiences through the creative pursuit of the odd and extreme. Just remember to temper daring adventures with safety precautions and common sense. Ultimately, the passion people pour into their bizarre interests reflects the endless diversity of human imagination. We all have a little weirdness within, so embrace the unconventional and unlock unique experiences unlike anything else.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some beginner-friendly unusual activities?

Begin with mild activities like visiting quirky museums, joining costume races, exploring interactive art, going to weird festivals, and trying immersive dining experiences.

Where can I research more niche interest activities?

Activity-specific organizations, enthusiast forums, hobbyist groups, event listings, and travel bloggers often provide insights on niche pursuits.

Which extreme activities are relatively safe for beginners?

Activities like indoor skydiving, biplane rides, volcano boarding, zorbing, and slacklining offer thrills while minimizing major risks when done properly.

Are unusual event tickets hard to get?

Tickets for cult events like ComicCon sell out quickly. Otherwise, many delightfully weird festivals, tours, and activities can be booked or joined easily.

Can I make money by taking weird challenges?

A few options like eating challenges may award cash prizes or offer free food if you win. Most unconventional activities are pursued for fun and bragging rights only.

What safety precautions should I take with extreme activities?

Only attempt high-risk stunts with experienced operators emphasizing safety, use proper gear, train extensively beforehand, don’t take unnecessary risks, and consider insurance.

Where can I find groups to join in unusual hobbies?

Search for regional or online communities focused on niche hobbies to find others who share interests in oddities like clowning, ventriloquism, cryptozoology, etc.

How can I get involved in odd sports leagues?

Check niche organization websites like World Chase Tag or US Quadball Association to find regional teams and events for weird sports.

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