Offbeat Adventures Checklist: Most Unusual and Exciting Things to Do Around the World

Tired of the same old vacation experiences? Adventure awaits beyond the average all-inclusive resorts, crowded tourist attractions and mundane museums. This guide compiles the planet’s most bizarre, thrilling, challenging and unforgettable activities for intrepid souls seeking extraordinary exploits. From zany festivals to daring expeditions, scratch these incredible offbeat adventures off your bucket list.

Extreme Sports Thrills

Get your adrenaline pumping with these extreme sports demanding skill, courage and a high threshold for risks and thrills.

  • ⛷️ Extreme Skiing – Charge near-vertical chutes and daredevil cliffs at breakneck speeds. Locations like Chamonix and Jackson Hole offer extremes.
  • 🏂 Heli-Snowboarding – Get dropped on remote powder stashes accessible only by helicopter for pristine wilderness rides. Alaska and British Columbia offer endless terrain.
  • 🪂 Proximity Wingsuit Flying – Daredevils dive in specialized jumpsuits to skim cliffsides before parachuting in this lethal sport with zero margin for error.
  • 🏊‍♂️ Cliff Diving – Leap from dizzying heights and hit water at speeds over 85 km/hr in spots like Mexico’s Acapulco cliffs.
  • 🚵‍♂️ Hardcore Mountain Biking – Bomb down rugged terrain, launch huge jumps, and backflip on bikes. Moab and Whistler provide legendary downhill trails.

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Daredevil Stunts

These outrageous and often illegal stunts provide thrill-seekers with adrenaline and bragging rights. Don’t try without expert training!

  • 🚂 Train Surfing – Illegally ride atop speeding freight train cars as a reckless stunt. Extremely dangerous.
  • ⛩ Rooftopping – Scale immense skyscrapers to take photos while balancing on small edges at dizzying heights.
  • 🏍 Ghost Riding – Set vehicles in neutral then dance alongside dangerously as they roll driverless.
  • 🛷 Mountain Boarding – Shred down hills at breakneck speeds on modified snowboards in the absence of snow.
  • 🧗‍♀️ Free Solo Climbing – Climb sheer cliffs and mountains without ropes or support of any kind besides climbing shoes and chalk.

Zany Festivals

Make lifelong memories and embrace cultural traditions at these wacky festivals held around the world.

  • 🍅 La Tomatina – Crush over 150,000 tomatoes against other participants in this massive food fight in Buñol, Spain.
  • 🐓 Cockfighting Festivals – While controversial, cockfighting festivals persist in some regions like Peru and the Philippines.
  • 👺 pantomima – Celebrate Ecuador’s Day of the Dead by parading giant alien-like paper mâché heads through the streets.
  • 🐂 Running of the Bulls – Join the crowds fleeing from bulls let loose through Pamplona’s streets during this iconic Spanish festival.
  • 🎿 Wife Carrying Championships – Males compete to carry their “wife” through grueling obstacle courses in this tongue-in-cheek event held globally.

Extreme Eating Challenges

Satisfy big appetites and claim bragging rights by attempting these outrageous belly-busting eating challenges.

  • 🍖 72oz Steak Challenge – Consume gigantic 72oz steaks with sides in under an hour at eateries like Big Texan Steak Ranch.
  • 🍕 Pizza Eating Contests – Who can eat an extra-large pizza fastest? Competitive eaters destroy pies quickly in timed challenges.
  • 🌶 Carolina Reaper Contests – Push spice tolerances to the limit by eating increasingly scorching hot chili peppers in these tongue-torching challenges.
  • 🍔 Massive Burgers – Unhinge your jaw to eat burgers stacked impossibly high with huge patties and countless toppings.
  • 🍦 Giant Ice Cream Desserts – Sundaes, banana splits, and other treats contain insane amounts of ice cream measured in pints or gallons.

Extreme Expeditions

Push your limits on challenging multi-day wilderness adventures far from civilization and deep in raw, remote landscapes.

  • 🗻 Summit Mt. Everest – Join an expedition to reach the 29,000+ ft. peak of the tallest mountain on Earth under risky and grueling conditions.
  • ❄️ Cross Antarctica – Traverse the last wilderness on Earth via ski, kite-ski, or dogsled expeditions covering up to 1,000 miles over months.
  • 🏜 Trek in Sahara Desert – Trek by camel or 4×4 deep into the Sahara on overnight adventures in dunes hundreds of miles from settlements.
  • 🌋 Volcano Adventures – Suit up and get close to flowing lava on guided treks of active volcanoes like Pacaya in Guatemala or Mt. Yasur in Vanuatu.
  • 🏕️ Jungle Exploration – Hack your way into untouched rainforest terrain on multi-day treks in places like the Amazon or Borneo with local guides.

Dangerous Animal Encounters

Get up close and personal with deadly predators for intense wildlife encounters. Take necessary safety precautions.

  • 🦈 Shark Cage Diving – Come face-to-face with great whites, tiger sharks, and more by submerging in PADI certified cages.
  • 🐊 Swimming with Crocodiles – Brave supervised swims allow you to share waters with these massive reptiles in places like Australia and Mexico.
  • 🐻 Polar Bear Tours – View the apex Arctic predators up close from the safety of specialized vehicles on tours in areas like Churchill, Canada.
  • 🦣 Gorilla Trekking – Be humbled by an hour in the presence of gentle mountain gorilla families deep in the forests of Uganda, Rwanda, or Congo.
  • 🐍 Snake Handling – Professional herpetologists lead safe interactions allowing you to hold venomous species like cobras or rattlesnakes.

Quirky Museums and Attractions

Expand your perspectives at these unconventional and totally unique museums and attractions.

  • 💩 Poop-Themed Attractions – Poop-centric museums and restaurants like the Unko Museum in Japan and Modern Toilet restaurant celebrate excrement.
  • 🛸 UFO-Themed Sites – Tour spots like Roswell, New Mexico and the International UFO Museum to explore extraterrestrial lore.
  • 🎢 Haunted House Extreme Tours – Sign waivers to get aggressively handled by actors at extreme haunted houses designed for torture lovers.
  • 🏺 Penis Museums – Phallic museums like Iceland’s Phallological Museum present hundreds of penises from whales, seals and other mammals.
  • 💉 Medical Oddity Museums – Gawk at disturbing medical instruments, diseases, and deformities at museums like the Mutter Museum of medical oddities.


Don’t settle for monotonous vacations and experiences others have already Instagrammed endlessly. Blaze your own trail by pursuing activities that capture your distinctive interests and push boundaries. While responsible risk-taking reaps rewards, always temper adventures with safety. Ultimately, it’s not the risky stunts and novelty attractions themselves that fulfill us – it’s rising to challenges that uncover our passions and potential. Open your mind to worlds beyond the everyday. Legendary adventures await those daring to color outside the lines.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find responsible operators for extreme adventures?

Vet experience, safety procedures, certifications, ethics practices, and sustainability. Avoid shady operators offering irresistible prices that seem too good to be true.

What skills are needed for extreme sports?

Base skills in fitness, focusing, orienteering, staying calm under pressure. Certain sports like wingsuit BASE jumping demand skydiving and BASE jumping experience before advancing.

Is it safe to attend weird festivals worldwide?

Review travel advisories and be cautious of events with political unrest or health risks. While odd, most niche festivals are generally safe for outsiders if culturally sensitive.

Which extreme foods are actually unsafe to eat?

Avoid clandestine restaurants serving foods illegal in most countries like dog, cat, or endangered species which pose health and ethical concerns.

How can I find groups or events focused on niche interests?

Activity-specific enthusiast forums and organizations often list events, gatherings, and ways to link up with fellow aficionados worldwide.

Can I make money taking weird challenges?

A select few activities like eating contests offer cash prizes, but most are for novelty and fun over profit. Cover hefty entry fees by vlogging.

What precautions should I take before stunts or dares?

Never perform dangerous stunts while impaired. Soberly evaluate risks versus rewards. Have medical support accessible. And again, get proper licensed training before attempting extreme feats.

Where can I research responsible offbeat travel operators?

Trusted experts like Lonely Planet cover unique tour operators worldwide. Search niche activity forums. And crowdsource tips from fellow daredevils.

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